Anonymix End of Year Raffle!


Today Anonymix is announcing our End of Year Raffle Promotion!

Anonymix is debuting our Bitcoin mixing service with a raffle feature and lots of chances to win Bitcoin! Starting now for the next 30 days, try our mixer and be automatically entered to win a bonus prize on the amount that you mix.

Here are our new raffle terms:

Day 1-3: Every 10th mix wins a 25% bonus prize

Day 4-7: Every 25th mix wins a 20% bonus prize

Day 8-14: Every 50th mix wins a 15% bonus prize

Day 15-30: Every 75th mix wins a 10% bonus prize

After the end of the 30 day promotion raffle terms, every 100th mix wins an additional 10% bonus and this raffle prize will remain on the site permanently. This feature was designed as one way that we improve the anonymity factor of our mixes— not all amounts paid out can be neatly analysed to match the amounts paid into our wallet. Security aside, we hope that it is also fun and beneficial to our users while encouraging them to mix their Bitcoins often to improve their privacy.
At Anonymix, nothing is more important to us than your privacy and online security, so we want to make using our service as easy and accessible as possible. We have designed our user interface to be intuitive so the process is smooth, fast, and convenient. Online anonymity doesn’t stop when you receive your mixed Bitcoin, so we have added this blog for useful information and guides for protecting your privacy as well as any important updates about our mixer.

We are wishing you a happy new year and thanks for making us your mixer. We're happy to be the reliable mixer providing you with untraceable coins and great raffle prizes.